Our Events

Events Are The Way For Us To Develop Trustable, Reliable And Dependable Relations

Events are not just about motivating people for a specific time like mesmerising. We believe in long term relationship with you through our events and open our hands to work with you. We will try to bestow all the facilities we have on you to make you successful in future.


Our Network Our Strength

Networking Is Essential Human Need

We are not the only one, there are many who want to help to convert dreams to solutions of world problems. We have gathered some great partners, who helped us along the way to make all this happen. A shoutout to them:
"You all are awesome"


Stop Talking Start Acting

If You Can Think It, Visualize It And Believe It, Anything Becomes Possible

It does not matter what type of idea, the level of business experience you have , or your educational background. Anyone armed with a dream and passion can turn his or her idea into a business. No more excuses, it is time to Stop Talking and Start Doing!

Here are a few who persevered and sailed their ship towards success



Awareness about finding your Passion to make your future and go to push the limits

A few years ago many countries were struck with the economic crisis and millions of people lost their jobs. These countries then used entrepreneurship to successfully revive their economy which is growing now. Pakistan is facing the similar problems the economic crisis and masses of unemployed people. Since a tried and tested solution of the problem already exists, Startup Hub is working to promote this factor but due to industrial age mindset and new concept for the people of Pakistan, there are several misconceptions about Entrepreneurship. So, Startup Hub is working hard to make people aware of entrepreneurship and correct the misconceptions that exists in the society relating entrepreneurship, while developing leadership skills in people. We are serving the society by conducting events to promote entrepreneurship as we believe that these problems can only be solved by promoting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture.



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